The Rugby JDA and EDC collectively have been providing service to the community of Rugby and Pierce County since the mid-1950’s.

The mission has always been to create new wealth through a proactive economic development program that promotes existing business activities, business expansions, and the recruitment of primary sector businesses that add to the existing tax base and available jobs in the community.  Economic development in its simplest form is the creation of economic wealth for all citizens within the diverse layers of society so that all people have access to an increased quality of life.

Job creation, economic output, and an increase in taxable bases are the most common measurement tools concerning economic and community development.  Creating new employment opportunities includes assisting existing primary and retail service businesses with the retention of their employees as well as attracting those businesses that are looking to expand or relocate to our community.  It also includes creating opportunities for residents to develop employee skills through training that is valuable, transferable, and leads to upward mobility and a better living wage.

There are several key pieces to successful economic and community development.  Some of the most important of those key pieces include proper environment and infrastructure, quality local education, available labor force, training opportunities, adequate housing, and child care.  The Rugby JDA works with all of these areas, as each one is integral to the economic success of the Rugby community, as well as to the happiness and security of the families and individuals who are a part of it.

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