Inside Rugby JDA

The purpose of the Rugby JDA is to assist in the creation, expansion, retention, and recruitment of businesses and jobs within our community. Businesses that sell their products and services to customers outside the Rugby area also bring in new revenue to the local economy. And while our focus is on the primary sector, we support all businesses that build a more diversified community.

Working on economic opportunity and prosperity is the major focus of what we do, but we also enthusiastically support educational and cultural opportunities within our community.  Our core belief is based on the fact that real strength comes from the community itself, and when the community is strong – from our youth to our elderly – this also increases the economic vitality and sustainability of that community.

We also pride ourselves on our commitment to green energy.  With the largest wind turbines in the state, Rugby is home to 71 wind turbines that generate 149 megawatts of clean energy across our state and beyond.  Our commitment to new technology and services is at the forefront of our core beliefs.

Our experienced staff has worked with many types of businesses in manufacturing, retail services, land use and development, building and infrastructure, education, recreation, cultural and health services, and agriculture.  Our board of directors includes dedicated individuals representing diverse aspects of the community but with a shared enthusiasm for your business success and growth. Please feel free to contact our staff or one of our board members if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to assist you in making your transition to the city of Rugby.

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