Inside the JDA

Board of Directors

Current Officers

President - Tanner Johnson

Vice President - Daunne Heilman

Treasurer - Susan Selensky

Secretary - Gary Kraft

JDA Current Board Membership Is As Follows:

Mayor - Susan Steinke

County Commissioner - Terry Hoffert

City Council Member - Gary Kraft

Rugby School District - Dr. Mike McNeff - Superintendent

City Auditor - Jennifer Stewart

County Auditor - Karin Fursather

Financial Institutions

Bremer Bank - Susan Selensky

First International Bank and Trust - Tanner Johnson

Merchants Bank - Pete Burgard

North Star Community Credit Union - Blair Brattvet

Ramsey Bank - Sandra Wolf

Farm Credit Services - Amber Feickert

At- Large Members

Daunne Heilman

Jodi Schaan

Rob St. Michel

Professional Staff

Executive Director/ City Of Rugby Economic Development Coordinator - Jessica Brossart


                              Regular Monthly Meetings

 JDA regular monthly board meetings are the fourth Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon. Meetings are held at the Rugby JDA Office. Advance notice will be given if an                                          alternative location has been chosen.  

                                                                 June 28th

                                                                  July 26th

                                                               August 30th

                                                           September 27th

                                                              October 25th

                                               November 29th (5th Thursday)

                                                December 20th (3rd Thursday)

JDA Meeting Agendas

2018 Agenda for March 27 2018 Regular JDA Meeting (docx)


Agenda for April 26, 2018 Regular JDA Meeting (docx)


Useful Information

2018 Budget Final (pdf)


Rugby Comprehensive Housing Studyl 2018 (pdf)


Audit Report - December 31 2016 (pdf)