Main Street


Healthy, Vibrant Community

 Enjoy Rugby's quality of life and the  slower pace community as well. You'll never have to worry about traffic jams, or struggling to get place to place. Our walk-ability is very enjoyable and is easy access to get to where you want to be. Since Rugby is a safe environment, people choose walking as their way to get around. We also have our own walking paths for people who enjoy the outdoors. There are many opportunities to be outside. For example, Rugby has many parks for children, families, and friends. The Lyric Theater downtown is also a major attraction with exciting movies and delicious snacks for all ages. It is a great entertainment for many. There is so much change in the small community, which is what makes Rugby an excellent town to be a part of. Rugby is a great place to call home. 


21st Century Workforce

 Rugby is the county seat and is a regional employment hub for Pierce County, North Dakota.


Smart, Efficient Infrastructure

 City of Rugby and Pierce County Leadership collaborate with local, state, and federal partners on several projects that have sustained our community. Recent projects include a new state of the art fire station, new cancer care treatment, and water treatment plant improvements. Rugby is blessed with tremendous location advantages and a quality of life second to none.