Rugby Stats

Population (in thousands)

 2,876 people live in Rugby, North Dakota. (2017) 

Median Wages

 Rugby's median wages are $37,450, which is less than the median annual income in the United States. 

Overall Cost of Living (100=national average)

 The overall cost of living in Rugby, North dakota is 89.70.  

Personal Income Tax Rate

 The personal income tax rate of Rugby is 2.9%.

Median Single Family Home Price

 Rugby's median single family home price in 2016 was $96,400. This provides you with an idea of its affordability.  

Corporate Income Tax Rate

 The corporate income tax rate of Rugby, North Dakota is 4.31%.  

North Dakota Stats & Facts


 At 3.2%, North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States. 


Lying just under the surface of Western North Dakota, is about 25 billion tons of lignite. That's enough to supply the region's coal needs for over 800 years!  


 North Dakota is the least visited state in America. 



North Dakota was ranked the 5th "Happiest State."



 North Dakota farmland would cover over 12 million city blocks. Farmers here produce enough wheat each year to make 12.6 billion loaves of bread. 


North Dakota makes Top 10 List for Best States for Business.

(24/7 Wall St., 2017)

Rugby Demographics

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