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Rugby Job Development Authority

Rugby Job Development Authority

Rugby Job Development Authority Rugby Job Development Authority Rugby Job Development Authority

We provide FREE Business Resources for Planning, Launching, Managing and Growing Business.  

About Us

JDA Mission


 Our mission  is to create new wealth for area residents through a proactive economic development program. The JDA will promote existing business activities, facilitate business expansions, and recruit businesses that enhance and fit into the community and encourage new ideas and ventures all of which lead to jobs that provide for an appropriate standard of living. 

Business and Industry


 From craftsmen to manufacturing, to agriculture and health care, Rugby has the resources and opportunities to help grow your business. Home to almost 200 businesses, including small retail stores, restaurants, and national manufacturers, Rugby has a labor force to support enterprises with as many as 370 employees.  And with an infrastructure to take your products where they need to go, Rugby continues to support an entrepreneurial vision with local, regional, and global awareness. 



Home town atmosphere with people who care. Rugby is nestled in the Geographical Center of North America, and has been a major attraction to many. Both our public and private schools offer great opportunities for students to learn and grow. Neighborhoods around the Rugby area are safe and we appreciate that our children can walk to the park and ride their bikes without any need to worry. Rugby is filled with exciting and friendly people who geniunely care about their neighbors.

Rugby North Dakota Downtown Project

 This video was researched, written and produced by the Rugby High School ND Studies Class. The focus of this project is to look at the history of Rugby's Downtown and how it plays into the idea of bringing back a vibrant downtown scene. Kevin Leier, RHS Social Studies Teacher

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