Board of Directors

 Current Officers

President - Tanner Johnson

Vice President - Rob St. Michel

Treasurer - Susan Selensky

Secretary - Gary Kraft

City and County Government Members:

Mayor - Susan Steinke

City Council Member - Gary Kraft

City Auditor - Jennifer Stewart

County Commissioner - Terry Hoffert

County Auditor - Karin Fursather

Financial Institution Members:

Bremer Bank - Susan Selensky

First International Bank and Trust - Tanner Johnson

Merchants Bank - Pete Burgard

North Star Community Credit Union - Blair Brattvet

Ramsey Bank - Sandra Wolf

Farm Credit Services - Amber Feickert

At- Large Members

Rugby School District - Superintendent - Dr. Mike McNeff

Heart of America Medical Center -Jodi Schaan

St. Michel Furniture - Business Owner - Rob St. Michel

Professional Staff

Executive Director/ City Of Rugby Economic Development Coordinator - Jessica Brossart

Office Manager - Jamie Wentz

Office Manager - Kendra Harmel