Rugby JDA's Student Loan Repayment Program

Program Guidelines


The Rugby Job Development Authority is now accepting applications for the Student Loan Assistance Program. 

  • Assistance is available to individuals employed full-time in Rugby. 

  • Recipients will be eligible to receive $125 per month for two years, paid directly to their student loan account. 

  • To be eligible for the assistance program, applicants must maintain full-time employment within Rugby for the duration of participation in the program.   

  • Priority will be given to those employed within their field of education. 

Deadline for applications December 1st. 

Applications can be downloaded below or can be picked up in person at the Rugby Job Development Authority Office.

Application Process


A completed application must include the applicants name, contact information, position within the Rugby area, all relevant student loan account and payment information, a completed IRS form W-9, and a letter of certification of employment from the business owner or government entity. The letter of certification should include verification of employment in the Rugby area.

ND University System Career Builders Program


Program Information


  • Graduates of qualifying programs apply for the program by completing an application with the NDUS.
  • Applicants newly hired into their current position in 2019 or later will be considered.
  • Applicants will be required to provide proof of ND residency, employment verification, proof of degree completion, and a current student loan billing statement from the lender.
  • An applicant’s employer, or other business entity, must have committed matching dollars. Payments will not be made without matching dollars being received by NDUS.
  • Payments may not exceed $5,667 per year, or one-third of the applicant’s outstanding student loan principal balance at the time of application, whichever is less.
  • Eligible loans include FEDERAL Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Consolidated and Perkins, the Bank of ND DEAL Loan; other private alternative student loans may be considered; private loans that are not “student loans”, such as a home equity, will not be considered.
  • Recipients must reside and work in a high need or emerging occupation in North Dakota.
  • Eligibility will be verified prior to each payment

Learn More

The North Dakota University System website provides a complete description of this program. 

Request a Match

In order to qualify for this program you must request a funding match from the Rugby JDA.


  • · I understand that I cannot participate in both the JDA student loan assistance program and the career builders program.  Acceptance into the Career Builders program will make me ineligible to receive student loan assistance from the JDA Student Loan Assistance program.  The JDA will not provide funding to individuals enrolled in both programs. If a current participant of the Rugby Student Loan Assistance program is accepted into the Career Builders program, funding may be transitioned to a match for that program and any match is subject to JDA Board consideration and approval. 
  • · I understand that this a NDUS program and the match is contingent upon acceptance into the NDUS Career Builders Program and will not be awarded if not accepted. 
  • · I understand that prior to each payment being issued by NDUS, verification of employment will be required. NDUS will also verify North Dakota residency with the applicant prior to payment. 
  • · I understand that this agreement can be revoked by the Rugby Job Development Authority in the event that you are no longer employed within the Rugby area or funding for the program ceases.